Our Vision

We strive to perform in excellence and to built quality, loyal and life time relationships with every customer we make contact with. We believe that success and excellence is only achieved in team effort and by being involved in our “Home town” Vredendal. Our town has so much to offer to the local residents and as well as to the surrounding areas, and for us it is a privilege to be a part of the package and to give our contribution.

Our Mission

To be a service provider that meets every need of our customers and friends and to achieve excellence in everything that we do. To give every customer a positive memory and to create a leading legacy as an example for those who follow.

Our History

The name and group Vredendal Motorgroep were established in 1994. Since then, we have been successful on achieving our goals and objectives. We obtained more knowledge and skills in the business sector but most important, we grew and learned how to work with our community, customers and our friends for life. We always have had the goal to be exceptionally well in what we do and how we deliver our service, and that was only possible through the years and this ongoing journey to perfect and define what we do, and what we do best.
After we have established Vredendal Motogroep in Vredendal, we expanded our services and skills and opened our next branch in Calvinia in August 2005. Together with our Vredendal and Calvinia branches we also have a Midas retailer specializing in automotive parts and accessories. In Vredendal we have a Caltex garage delivering their services to the community. In Calvinia we also have a Caltex garage supporting the Calvinia Motors branch and the community.
In January 2011 we took another big step within the motor and fuel industry… We opened another branch in Springbok, together with a BP Atlantic garage. Both Springbok Motors and BP Atlantic have proven themselves as worthy and more than capable to sustain and deliver a service to Springbok and the surrounding areas.
All three these dealerships and garages are in the capable hands of Mr. J G Sharpe and Mr. R F Cornellisen and the rest of the staff. They are the two partners giving and leading us to greatness and to higher places, and we as fellow workers, colleges, family and friends together with the hard work, makes it all possible and we want to take who ever is willing with us all the way.
We are proud of what we achieved, who we are, what we have to give and where we are going. As the years go on, the more goals and miles stones will be achieved with the help and support from our community and home town’s Vredendal, Springbok and Calvinia.

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